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Top 10 Crucial Factors to Know When Looking for a Custom Molder

Manufacturing plastic injection molded components in-house as part of a customer’s end product can prove to be a major challenge from an efficiency, quality and cost perspective. Producing plastic components of high-quality at a competitive cost is a constant challenge. 

The process proves to be more difficult and involved than most OEM’s think. Often it’s a decision to save money by doing the molding in-house then soon discovering that the “inexpensive” small plastic part takes quite an investment in infrastructure to do it right. 

We’re here to help by providing you with an in-depth comparison chart that breaks down each challenge to help you better understand the benefits of sourcing a custom molder. 

You'll learn...

- How one large company solved their pricing, quality and order turnaround problems by choosing to outsource their molding instead of trying to manage it in-house.

- How the idea of saving money by doing molding in-house doesn’t help to save in the long run.

- The important issues involved in the evaluation and the true costs behind them.

- Comparisons of critical factors such as mold design, material selection, production, quality control and inventory.

- How to consider other factors involved such as sustainability and more!

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