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Holiday 2015: American Made Gifts & How K'NEX Parts Are Made

Posted by Jill Worth

12/3/15 10:30 AM

With the holidays right around the corner, we thought you might like to hear about some of our favorite gift resources for products made in the U.S.A.  As you're out shopping (or in your PJ's shopping online) try taking an extra minute to look for gifts that are made here in the U.S.  As an American manufacturer and a sister company of K'NEX construction toys, we wholeheartedly support buying U.S. made products all year round but especially during the holiday season.  

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The U.S. Manufacturing Workforce & Making it In America

Posted by Adam Robinson

4/2/15 11:30 AM

This article written by Adam Robinson, Marketing Manager at Cerasis, originally appeared on the Cerasis blog on March 6, 2015

While US manufacturing has been hit hard by nearly two decades of policy failures that have damaged its international competitiveness, it remains a vital part of the U.S. economy.

The US manufacturing sector employed 12 million workers in 2013, or about 8.8 percent of total US employment. Manufacturing employs a higher share of workers without a college degree than the economy overall. On average, non-college-educated workers in manufacturing made 10.9 percent more than similar workers in the rest of the economy in 2012–2013.
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INFOGRAPHIC: Minimize your supply chain risks

Posted by Jill Worth

3/13/15 11:00 AM

A few weeks ago in our blog, we introduced our newest white paper "Hidden Risks in Your Offshore Supply Chain".  In the infographic below, we highlight the 3 primary areas we focus on throughout the white paper that should be included in your strategic decision making process.  When you take all of the factors into account that can impact the cost, scheduling and quality of your manufactured part, you can make a more informed decision about your supplier selection.

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Manufactured in America: An Infographic on How K'NEX Parts Are Made

Posted by Jill Worth

7/2/14 10:33 AM

Since 1956, The Rodon Group has made billions of American made products in our 125,000 square foot facility, including over 32 billion parts for the K'NEX construction toy system

K'NEX is the only construction toy company committed to manufacturing in the United States. K'NEX bricks,rods and connectors are manufactured in Pennsylvania right here at our eco-friendly facility. K'NEX and Rodon are proud to be family owned and operated. While most toys are made overseas, we are committed to manufacturing in the United States

"Community is one of our core values, so as a company, we are proud to invest in American workers who demonstrate unparalleled commitment to innovation and some of the greatest working spirit in the industrial world," said Michael Araten, President and CEO of K'NEX and The Rodon Group.

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Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership launches new infographic

Posted by Jill Worth

4/8/14 4:16 PM

Our friends at the Manufacturing Extension Partnership introduced a new infographic that underscores the importance of manufacturing in our economy.  This interactive visual highlights some fascinating facts about the impact of manufacturing. In addition, you can follow links to manufacturers throughout the country who participated in Manufacturing Day in October 2013.

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Infographic....American Manufacturing and skilled workers

Posted by Paula Hynes

12/13/13 10:30 AM

Here is an interesting Infographic sponsored by the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), and the U.S. Commerce Department's Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). MEP is part of DOC's National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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STEM education getting the attention it deserves.

Posted by Paula Hynes

5/28/13 10:32 AM

For years, The Rodon Group has supported STEM education.   We know the importance of obtaining strong math and science skills throughout elementary and secondary education.  Often described as "too hard", children need to be engaged and supported in the learning process by both teachers and parents.  Math and science should be presented in creative and common sense ways to help spark and encourage curiosity.  A well executed science experiment or a real life math problem can bring the "fun" back into the classroom.

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Infographic: Robots and Automation Bring Jobs Back to the US

Posted by Jill Worth

5/1/13 11:10 AM

Article credit: Kuka Robotics (http://www.kukaconnect.com/)

The rise of robotic automation in the manufacturing and packaging industry is often blamed for the steep job losses in U.S. manufacturing, along with the rampant outsourcing of labor to cheaper workforces. But a real look at the facts and stats show that things just aren’t that cut and dry.

Check out our infographic below and you’ll see the many ways in which robotics and the reshoring initiative can help increase manufacturing employment in the U.S. From providing improved safety measures in dangerous jobs, to introducing higher-paying, specialized positions that workers can be trained to fill, to laying out the true pros and cons of offshore outsourcing, this infographic sheds some light on the “other side” of the story.

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The Rodon Group and K'NEX manufacture future engineers.

Posted by Paula Hynes

4/3/13 4:36 PM

Teachers and educators and every grade level know the importance of incorporating construction toys into the learning experience.  Colleges and universities utilize K'NEX in their engineering programs.  Early childhood educators use simpler building sets to reinforce fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills. Visit the K'NEXEducation.com website to review the educational resources that are available for every age group.

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The Rodon Group, 2012 in Review

Posted by Paula Hynes

1/9/13 1:41 PM

2012 was a year full of honors, recognition, milestones and memories at The Rodon Group.  We continued to show growth in revenues as well as customer acquisition.  Our “Cheaper Than China” pricing policy received high praise from colleagues and contemporaries alike.

And, we topped the year off with a visit from President Obama.

We spent a good deal of time this year promoting our “Made In America” initiatives through kindred organizations and websites.  Our company joined with hundreds of others on Manufacturing Day as part of our commitment to STEM education and training.

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