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4 Ways The Rodon Group Contributes to Sustainable Manufacturing

Posted by Jill Worth

1/5/17 10:27 AM

As green movements gain traction across the globe and consumers increasingly seek out sustainable products, many manufacturers are implementing eco-friendly initiatives throughout their work processes.

At The Rodon Group, we’re committed to nurturing an ethos of environmental sustainability in everything we do. Over the years, we’ve instituted a number of green initiatives, all of which have helped us become one of the most sustainable leaders in the plastic injection molding industry.

These green initiatives have allowed us to streamline our manufacturing process in order to reduce excess packaging, transportation costs and carbon output, waste, water consumption, and energy. Below, we’ve outlined four of our major sustainability efforts.

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Celebrating Manufacturing's Past and Future at The Rodon Group

Posted by Jill Worth

10/11/16 10:30 AM

There was a lot to celebrate this past Friday at The Rodon Group.  Back in 2011, we hosted our first Manufacturing Day event.  We were one of about 200 companies throughout the country to open our doors to students, educators and parents.  Last Friday, we hosted our sixth Manufacturing Day and were joined by over 2,650 other companies and organizations.  The message has certainly become loud and clear over the years; Manufacturing Day has struck a chord with the public and continues to grow every year.  

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An Olympic Journey to Rio for a Rodon Family Member

Posted by Jill Worth

6/23/16 8:00 AM

“If you want to achieve your dreams you have to believe in yourself and work hard every day to achieve them. If it were easy, everyone would do it”, Matt Baranoski, Olympic Cyclist

Recently I had the honor of interviewing Matt Baranoski, a world class cyclist named to the U.S. Olympic track cycling team in March and the son of Mike Baranoski, a Design Engineer at The Rodon Group. With the Summer Games in Rio coming up in just a few months, I’m grateful that Matt was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to speak to me. You can read our conversation below. 

(Photo source: Bryn Lennon- http://www.teamusa.org/)

How and when did you get started in cycling?

My older brother wasn’t interested in baseball or football, so on a whim, my parents decided to give track cycling a try. We raced around the velodrome cycling track in Trexlertown, PA where they had free classes. I’ve been racing there ever since and the now “Valley Preferred Cycling Center” is my home away from home. I got my start on the track at 6 and at 12 I competed in my first national race and becoming the Junior National Champion. At that point, I decided to focus on cycling. I still train there and have the opportunity to meet with the younger cyclists while I’m there.

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The Importance of Design Engineering in Plastic Injection Molding

Posted by The Rodon Group Marketing Team

5/10/16 8:00 AM

Before you can manufacture a plastic part you need to have a solid design in place. Once done, you can build an injection mold to meet the product specifications. 

The role of the Design Engineer is critical in this process. They assess the part design and make modifications and recommendations based on key product requirements including product usage and function. The engineer will need to know:

  • How will the part be used? Is it a standalone product or a component of a larger assembly?
  • What are the dimensional and tensile requirements?
  • Does the part need to withstand elements, pressure, chemicals?

A plastic injection mold design is built with these criteria in mind. Mold cavities, vents and gate placement will vary based not only on the part design but the type of resin as well. Taking all of these manufacturing factors into account is a challenging task and one that requires a strong knowledge base, not only of mold design but the injection molding process as well.

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Engineering students make the simple complex at the Rube Goldberg contest

Posted by Paula Hynes

8/25/15 7:00 AM

High schools and colleges throughout the country pay tribute to Rube Goldberg’s legacy every year though The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest.  According to the contest website “The Rube Goldberg Machine Contests bring Goldberg's cartoons to life as a way of helping students transcend traditional ways of looking at problems, taking them into the intuitive chaotic realm of imagination. The resulting inventions are collections of bits and pieces, parts of now useless machines, cobbled together to achieve an innovative imaginative, yet somehow logical contraption to meet the annual contest challenge.”

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Top 5 Types of Plastic Molding 

Posted by Paula Hynes

8/11/15 10:00 PM

In today’s manufacturing environment, plastics are being used to make everything from automotive body parts to human body parts. Each application requires a special manufacturing process that can mold the part based on specifications. This article provides a brief overview of the different types of molding and their advantages and applications.

Blow Molding – Well suited for hollow objects, like bottles

The process follows the basic steps found in glass blowing. A parison (heated plastic mass, generally a tube) is inflated by air. The air pushes the plastic against the mold to form the desired shape. Once cooled, the plastic is ejected.

The blow molding process is designed to manufacture high volume, one-piece hollow objects. If you need to make lots of bottles, this is the process for you. Blow molding creates very uniform, thin walled containers. And, it can do so very economically.

Compression Molding – Well suited for larger objects like auto parts

The name of this molding method says everything.  A heated plastic material is placed in a heated mold and is then compressed into shape. The plastic can be in bulk but often comes in sheets. The heating process, called curing, insures the final part will maintain its integrity. As with other molding methods, once the part has been shaped, it is then removed from the mold. If sheeting plastic material is used, the material is first trimmed in the mold before the part is removed.

This method of molding is very suitable to high-strength compounds like thermosetting resins as well as fiberglass and reinforced plastics. The superior strength properties of the materials used in compression molding make it an invaluable process for the automotive industry.

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Celebrate July 4th and Buy American-Made

Posted by The Rodon Group Marketing Team

7/2/15 9:30 AM

There is no better time than the Fourth of July to begin a "Buy American-made" tradition.  It's starts by checking the labels.  Nutrition labels on food tell you what contents are in a product. Country of origin labeling tells you where the contents came from and where they were assembled. With a few exceptions, the government does not require this labeling; however companies are typically proud to display their "Made in the USA" origin. More than ever, American consumers want to purchase products made here and support jobs throughout our country.

Tips on buying American-made

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Top Injection Molding Questions for The Rodon Group

Posted by Paula Hynes

5/1/15 9:00 AM

We often field phone calls from inventors or product designers who are looking for a plastic injection resource.  While, that is our core business, it is important to understand the difference between The Rodon Group and other small injection molding companies.

We specialize in high-precision, high-volume projects (we're talking millions, here).  To get a better understanding of the capabilities of The Rodon Group, we created a Q & A filled with useful information.

What are the minimum quantities you can order?

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A Sustainable Earth Through Sustainable Manufacturing

Posted by Paula Hynes

4/20/15 10:00 AM

Get ready to celebrate the 45th anniversay of Earth Day on April 22.  This year's theme "It's Our Turn to Lead" will inspire "random acts of greenness" around the world. Earth Day was started in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. After witnessing the environmental impacts of a California oil spill, Mr. Nelson wanted to harness the power of the public to make a positive impact on the environment.

Over the last few decades, this new environmental awareness has grown, and it greatly impacts the way we manufacture products. The increased focus on sustainable manufacturing has helped thousands of local manufacturers save money and the environment at the same time.

What is Sustainab
le Manufacturing?

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The Whole Truth About 3D Printing

Posted by Paula Hynes

1/22/15 11:00 AM

3D printing or additive manufacturing has been around for decades.  But it hasn’t been until the last five years that the hype has exceeded the reality of what this technology can do.  After reading many articles from industry insiders, we've collected some key takeaways on the current and future trends for this manufacturing technique.

Where 3D printing really shines

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