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[Guest Post] Reshoring in America: Current Issues and Future Outlook

Posted by Adam Robinson

7/28/15 7:00 AM

This article written by Adam Robinson originally appeared on the Cerasis blog on June 24, 2015

Future Outlook of Reshoring in America

Jobs & The Slow Movement of Reshoring
Notwithstanding many sound reasons for reshoring, an Information Technology and Innovation Foundation report indicates that U.S. manufacturing is not experiencing a "renaissance". Industry experts conservatively acknowledge that off-shoring has slowed, and perhaps "stabilized". Although around 80,000 manufacturing jobs have come back to the U.S. in the past 3 years, (about 60% from China), per research by BCG and others, there's no indication that a great number of additional jobs will soon return from Mexico and China.

In fact, since the recession, more manufacturing companies have been lost than gained in the U.S. There were 10% fewer manufacturers in 2011 than in 2008—a record low since 1977, when the Census Bureau started collecting Business Dynamics data. And, the labor force was 35% smaller in those days. Manufacturing has gained 700,000 jobs since 2010. However, there are a million fewer manufacturing jobs than in 2008. Job gains are largely due to increasing consumer demand, not to reshoring production back to the U.S. Productivity in factories continues to improve, however, and are more efficient than ever, so the best jobs picture we can hope for is flat as we don't believe that US Manufacturing jobs will ever be at the percentage they were at the peak in the late 70s.

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VIDEO: Inside The Rodon Group

Posted by Jill Worth

2/23/15 1:30 PM

We have a lot to be proud of at Rodon.  We've been in the business of plastic injection molding since 1956 and have remained true to our high volume, core capabilities since then. It's why we've remained a leader in U.S. manufacturing and are one of the largest family-owned and operated injection molders in the United States. 

We hope you enjoy our new video. Thank you to Westfield Films for visually capturing the pride we have for our company, facility and employees.  

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A Holiday message from The Rodon Group

Posted by Paula Hynes

12/18/14 8:30 AM

At this time of year, we pause and reflect on all we have to be grateful for.  At The Rodon Group, we are grateful to have wonderful customers and vendors that have helped our business grow.
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Plastic Injection Molding Robotics in Action

Posted by Jill Worth

6/27/13 4:50 PM

You can save time and money through injection molding automation.  Our "Cheaper Than China" pricing is due in large part to our investment in a series of amazing fully automated, robotic machines which run on a 24-hour production schedule. Instead of labor intensive hand-packing, our machines do that work around the clock.

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Your Crash Course in Precision Mold Design

Posted by Jill Worth

6/21/13 10:40 AM

Every plastic part starts with a precision mold design

The first step in guaranteeing precision plastic parts is by working with a manufacturer who has experience in creating perfect molding design.We invite you to take a look at our video on plastic mold design to learn more about how The Rodon Group is prepared to utilize cutting edge technology to deliver a better plastic part, every time.

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STEM education getting the attention it deserves.

Posted by Paula Hynes

5/28/13 10:32 AM

For years, The Rodon Group has supported STEM education.   We know the importance of obtaining strong math and science skills throughout elementary and secondary education.  Often described as "too hard", children need to be engaged and supported in the learning process by both teachers and parents.  Math and science should be presented in creative and common sense ways to help spark and encourage curiosity.  A well executed science experiment or a real life math problem can bring the "fun" back into the classroom.

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How Plastic Parts are Made - A Video Tour

Posted by Paula Hynes

3/21/13 10:46 AM

Ever wonder how all those plastic parts make it into our homes and vehicles?

The majority of plastic parts are created using the injection molding process.  While this form of manufacturing has been around for years, advancements in materials and equipment have made injection molding a mainstay in the production of consumer goods.

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Up Close with Plastic Injection Molding Tools

Posted by Jill Worth

1/11/13 9:31 AM

Watch Precision Molding Tools at Work

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Plastics News Processor of the Year Finalist Award Video

Posted by Jill Worth

2/9/12 10:48 AM

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