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Excerpt taken from the October issue of the American Made Matters newsletter.  Read the full newsletter at:

   Most Americans can trace their lineage back to a foreign ancestry.
   America’s settlers were poor families, adventurers and exiles, seeking a
   place where they could establish a better life. Millions from dozens of
   countries have come to America for the opportunity to find work and   benefit from the fruits of their labor. They came to provide a better life for their families, an education for their children and to own a home. They came with hope and dreams and anything was possible. For generations, American men and women have worked for a better future. This is the American Dream.

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   Company Name & Location:
   K’NEX - the American building toy company and The Rodon Group -  an American small   plastic parts injection molding expert.

   Years in Business:
   Founded in 1956, we are a third generation family business with 177

   Principal line of business:
   For K’NEX, our primary business is building toys - focusing on Building
   World Kids Love – which has resulted in Sesame Street®, NASCAR®, Monster
   Jam® and Mario Kart® Wii-licensed K’NEX building sets along with K’NEX
   branded building sets for kids ages 2 – 12. For Rodon, we are an ISO
   9001:2008 certified landfill-free, small plastics parts specialist for over
   40 industries and make billions of parts each year in our 125,000 square
   foot facility.

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   How are you using the logo on products, website or marketing materials?  
   We use the American Made Logo on our Made in the USA toys, on our websites
   for both K’NEX and Rodon and as part of our social media presence.  American
   made is part of our DNA and culture.

   Why does American Made Matter to you?
   It matters to us because we believe a nation that makes things is a nation
   that controls its own destiny.  We believe that doing everything we can to
   manufacture toys and component parts in America helps create an economy full
   of good paying jobs and helping others achieve their American dream.

   Has your company won any awards recently?
   2011 Inductees into the Made in the USA Hall of Fame. Administered by the
   Made in the USA Foundation, the Made in the USA Hall of Fame was established
   to celebrate the best that America produces.

   K’NEX has been named a 2011 National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA)
   winner for its Mario Kart Wii™ Mario and Standard Kart Building Set

   K'NEX, America’s building toy company focused on Building Worlds Kids
   Love™, is pleased to be among the manufacturers included in the annual
   Toys“R”Us Holiday Hot Toy List.

   What’s your vision for the future of your company?
   We are the only company that makes toys on a mass scale in America.  We set
   a goal 3 years ago of making a majority of our toys in America.  At the time
   less than 20 percent of our toys were made here.  Today, over 90 percent of
   the parts and over 60 percent of the finished goods are made in the USA.  We
   have increased our workforce by over 10 percent during that time.  We have
   set a goal of having over 80 percent of our toys made in the USA by 2015,
   and are ahead of schedule to our goal. Consumers are telling us they want
   toys made here as long as the value is there. We make sure our retail prices
   for over 80 percent of our toys are under $25, and have more play value than
   our competition.

   For Rodon, 100 percent of everything we manufacture is made here.  We have
   been leaders in educating people on the many advantages of made in America.
   We have developed a formula so we can be cheaper than China with better
   quality and a much shorter supply chain.  That message is resonating - we
   grew 27 percent in 2010, and are on pace for 2011 to be 17-20 percent ahead
   of 2010.

   How do you balance US and foreign manufacturing for your company?
   We are encouraged by the recent resurgence in jobs coming back into the U.S.
   from overseas, particularly China. Fortunately for us, a lot of that has
   been driven by regulatory and documentation issues in the Far East in
   compliance with some food and beverage, and children’s toy regulations where
   they were unable to comply. Some of our new customers got nervous and
   decided they really needed to come back stateside. A company like ours was
   more than ready for this. With our high-volume model—we have 106 machines
   and six operators, we have knocked the labor burden out—coupled with our ad
   campaign we call ‘Cheaper than China,’ our business has been up
   significantly over the past few years.

   How do you get the message out to your customers that you are manufacturing
   in the USA? Is it important to your customers that you manufacture in the
   USA? As we continue to grow in both our businesses, we will keep American
   Made as a focus for us.  We believe that we must do all we can to support
   our national economy.  We are proud to be a part of a group like American
   Made Matters, who educates consumers in a non-partisan way about how they
   can find products they like and need while helping our country at the same

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