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Starbucks creates gobs of jobs by being the largest coffee chain in the U.S., with over 7,000 locations across the country. Now they are plunking down $5 Million of their own profits from your pricey lattes to create a loan fund for small businesses, as part of the new Create Jobs for USA campaign. Yet, at the same time, many Americans choose to get their joe from locally-owned community coffeehouses. Ironically, the Create Jobs for USA flyer says ”Community Businesses are the Backbone of America.” We agree!

How do you feel about this campaign when you visit your local Starbucks? Will it make a difference? How does the look, feel and message play with you? Will you plunk down your own $5 to support the loan fund?

Here are three key elements in the campaign, and thoughts from your InAmerica blogger:

1 ) Bracelet - Is this red, white and blue wristband the best incentive for you to plunk down your $5 donation?  Does a bracelet work for both male and female customers? It wraps around your wrist twice (like a woman’s bracelet) and has the word INDIVISIBLE stamped into a tiny silver plate. I liked the colors yet felt it was more appropriate for a woman. How about another choice for us hard-workin’ guys? Maybe a T-shirt, cap, or metal lapel pin? And, how about stamping the words MADE IN AMERICA on the bracelet (hopefully it is) or even the phrase JOBS FOR USA, instead of INDIVISIBLE? These two options might connect better with the campaign theme.

2 ) In-Store Flyer  - The newsprint flyer needs help, which may be why it was tucked away on a side counter. All of these trendy icons leave me a bit cold. How about adding some emotion and a connection with our cause: AMERICAN workers! Add a photo of people who are happy to be working as a result of this campaign.  Key phrase: “Indivisible. . .with liberty and justice for all.” Definitely resonates with us and aligns with the message on the bracelet. . .yet again no mention of jobs. I did feel like placing my right hand over my heart when I read these words at the counter.

I like icons and information graphics when they are used to effectively convey complex information. . .which is not the case here. After viewing the main info graphic I still don’t quite understand what the two intermediate organizations (OFN and CDFIs) are about. . .which is key if I am going to make my donation through them. Some times acronyms create more confusion. Who is OFN and who backs it?  And what about CDFIs? Please simplify this and give me examples that I may relate to my community. We Americans are understandably a bit suspect of financial institutions these days. . .so I’d like some validation. OFN sounds like a covert government agency. . .CDFI like a chemical that is hurting our ozone layer.

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