Posted by Paula Hynes | 1/31/13 3:20 PM 0 Comments

Today’s manufacturing facilities are more automated than ever before.  However, there are still many small tasks being done by hand.  These human hands are obviously attached to people who are capable of adding more value to the manufacturing process.

Less complicated tasks are perfectly suited to Baxter.  This new robot from Rethink Robotics can handle the small stuff with ease.  While not as fast as humans, he will happily do repetitive tasks without a hitch.  And, he can be trained by the very people it is assisting.  With extra sensors to make Baxter “aware” of his surroundings, this robot can be deployed near people.  Not bothered by heat or noise, Baxter can take on those “hard to fill” positions, no sweat.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, why not check out this cool promotional video from Rethink Robotics.


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