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Chase Plastics is a leading specialty engineering thermoplastic distributor serving plastic processors throughout North and Central America.  They are also an outstanding vendor for Rodon.  Chase supplies all the ABS plastic that we use to make the K’NEX rods out of (millions of lbs.), supplies most of our Nylon used for K’NEX gears and chain links and supplies the materials needed for several of our other customers.

We recently sent a few K’NEX kits to their headquarters in Michigan as a way of saying “Thank you” for their exceptional support over the past 4 years.  As you can tell from these photos, they had a blast creating the structures and have decided to proudly display their assembled U.S.-made kits in their office building.

Christa Koch, Chase’s Purchasing Rep, sums it up. “I cannot even express to you the excitement you have caused at Chase Plastics! The Ferris wheel is half way done and the roller coaster is in the middle of the office and everyone is pitching in to help assemble it. I hope you both know how much everyone here is genuinely thankful and appreciative, especially me! I grew up with K’NEX and it is a riot trying to teach everyone how to “do K’NEX,” that has never experienced the joy of snapping those pieces together. So much fun!” 

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In 2010, we were selected as Chase’s Customer of the Year, an award given each year to one of their 1,900 customers. We look forward to many more years of partnership and growth with Chase Plastics.   To learn more about Chase Plastics, visit

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