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Scary plastic part defects and how to avoid them

Posted by Paula Hynes

10/30/14 12:30 PM

When purchasing injection molded parts, it is important to understand some of the common but scary problems and defects that impact product quality.  Being familiar with these imperfections and their causes can help you work with injection molders to insure the highest quality part production is achieved.

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American Made Matters Day: A Call-to-Action for Consumers

Posted by Paula Hynes

10/28/14 12:30 PM

American Made Matters, an organization dedicated to educating consumers on the importance of buying American-made products, is holding the 2nd annual American Made Matters Day on November 19th. The purpose of the event is for consumers to buy at least one U.S.-made product on this day, and to encourage consumers to buy made-in-USA products throughout the upcoming holiday season to show their support for US manufacturing.

“America’s economy can only thrive and grow when we prioritize buying American,” said Pennsylvania State Representative Mindy Fee. “I’m grateful that American Made Matters encourages consumers to prioritize buying American-made products when making their holiday purchases. Let’s keep American businesses strong, and just remember that American made does matter.”

November 19th has been declared American Made Matters Day not just because of the positive impact that manufacturing has on jobs, but also on local communities, the U.S. economy, product safety, the environment, and the future of America.

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The Pros and Cons of Cold Versus Hot Runner Molds

Posted by Paula Hynes

10/23/14 9:30 AM

Every plastic part starts in a mold.   Molds are classified into two main types, cold runner and hot runner.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages.   Your plastic injection molder will be able to give you the costs and benefits of using these different systems.  However, by understanding the key differences of these technologies, you can have a more educated discussion on the type of mold that would best fit your project. 

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Remaining an environmentally sustainable business

Posted by Jill Worth

10/16/14 10:00 AM

In today’s world, the green movement is more important than ever. No matter what the industry, it’s a company’s duty to make changes and choices that support the environment.

When you’re looking for a plastic injection molding company, there are several things you can check for to be sure you’ll be working with an environmentally responsible business.

The Rodon Group is committed to environmental sustainability. The company's green initiatives make it a leader in the plastics industry. Its manufacturing process minimizes packaging, transportation costs, waste, water consumption and energy.

Consider this example: in manufacturing just one of the more than 600 unique K'NEX parts, We conserve 150 tons of cardboard per year, enough to fill 3000 cubic yards of landfill space or 3 football fields about a foot deep!  Using servo robots to incrementally stack parts, we reduce part distortion while tripling or quadrupling the number of parts packed into the same size carton. Rodon's customers are offered a returnable/reusable packaging program to further reduce cardboard use. All scrap is reused and recycled and we use only non toxic colorants and resins.

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Manufacturing Tomorrow’s Future

Posted by Paula Hynes

10/7/14 11:30 AM

On Friday, October 3rd, we celebrated the third annual Manufacturing Day with over 1,600 fellow manufacturing companies throughout the United States.  Our event, “Manufacturing Tomorrow’s Future”, focused on the government’s role in supporting, nurturing and growing our manufacturing sector.  Our speakers came from various federal agencies and included Dr. Phillip Singerman, head of Manufacturing Extension Partnerships and Associate Director for Innovation and Industry Services at the National Institute of Standards and Technology,  Dr. Sue Helper, Chief Economist at the Department of Commerce, and Catherine Werner from Select USA

Our morning program focused on the importance of STEM skills and education.  We hosted three area school groups who met with K'NEX founder Joel Glickman and toured the facility.

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We’re so excited…Manufacturing Day 2014 is Friday, October 3rd

Posted by Community User

10/1/14 10:00 AM

We are not the only ones who are proud to participate in Manufacturing Day.  Since its inception in 2012, the number of participating manufacturers has grown from 200 to nearly 1,500.   American manufacturers throughout the country are going to open their doors this year for tours, presentations, training and more.  In fact, there are 68 tours in Pennsylvania alone. 

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Get Ready for Manufacturing Day with our Top Video Picks

Posted by Paula Hynes

9/23/14 11:00 AM

Manufacturing Day is less than two weeks away.  If you can’t attend a Manufacturing Day tour in person, what better way to celebrate the greatness of this industry than through the power of pictures.  We have provided links to some of our favorite American manufacturing videos from 2013 and 2014.

So, pop some popcorn, put up your feet and enjoy the show.

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Manufacturing Day and STEM education

Posted by Paula Hynes

9/16/14 9:30 AM

We have all heard about the positive impacts of manufacturing on our economy, but did you know that junior and high-school students are no longer pursuing these well-paid jobs? Well, at The Rodon Group we have put a great deal of effort into getting the word out about STEM education and the great long-term careers this industry provides.

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Create Jobs, Buy American Made

Posted by Paula Hynes

9/9/14 10:00 AM


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Walmart Summit Spotlights American Manufacturers

Posted by Community User

9/2/14 12:30 PM

On August 14th, Walmart executives joined with state officials to help connect U.S. manufacturers and suppliers with buyers and government resources.  This summit is just one facet of Walmart’s strategic plan to increase U.S. made products in their stores by $250 billion dollars over the next ten years.  The Boston Consulting Group estimates this commitment will create 1 million jobs.

In July, Walmart invited more than 500 manufacturers and entrepreneurs to their headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas for an “Open Call” event.  Visiting businesses had the opportunity to meet with Walmart buyers and pitch their products.  Several  participants walked away with a sale to Walmart stores.

During the August U.S. Manufacturing Summit, President and CEO of K'NEX Brands and The Rodon Group, Michael Araten, was joined by fellow manufacturing President and CEO of Weber Grills, Jim Stephens for a conversation on what it takes to manufacturer in America and do business with Walmart. Michael Araten describes our company’s commitment to making K’NEX construction toys in the U.S. as “Patriotic Capitalism.”  “It started in the depths of the great depression. We wanted to keep jobs here.  The only way to save our people was to re-shore manufacturing” stated Araten. “We hoped and believed people would care where products are made. There is no bigger, no better brand than Made in America.”

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